The purpose of this trip@was three.

One purpose is to visit to Akemi and Bob who live in Nashville.
She married with Bob last year.

Second purpose is to see Nancy and Justin again.
We met them in Italy (5/Janu/2006) .
Since then we have been made up our friendship by many emails.

Third purpose is to watch the Major Leage Baseball.
It was Hideo's dream since he was young.

I write this sentence on an airplane to
We were so so exciting, because we hagged tightly with Nancy and Justin each other.
We said "Someday, SomewhereASee you againI" while hagging.

We think "This trip was very very interesting like Italy's trip.!"

Someday We hope to introduce Nancy, Justin, Akemi and Bob to you.

The prologue of trable series(waiting)
1.Filled up disposal bag 2.Please return change money, and don't stop the subway
The trip started "FUNNY accident".
It wasbeginning to have a cup of beer and Two cup of wine.
Hideo found a funny HP"The sick bag collection".
Chicago--- 1.The Chicago city in the morning 2.The exciting supporters of White Sox in the home field(waiting)
We planed to watch the MLB. It was the dream of Hideo.
We sat in the front the eighth seat and supported Ichiro and Jojima.
Nashville--- 1.The huge Hotel 2.Akemi's house 3.Live of qa and Mexican food(waiting)
Akemi baked some croissants and waffles, and treated us to have a barbecue in the garden.
Some squirrel and a rabbit came by the window of her house.
Frolida No.1---Epcot
We played here with Nancy for all days.
The Epcot wasn't crowded, so we could walk around everywhere and watch the fireworks.
The most wonderful event was the movie made by 3D.
The snake came in front of my eyes, and the mouse run away under my foot, and we had showering like mist. It was so great.
Frolida No.2---1.The cheerful Nancy and Justins 2.Nancy's exciting driving with bad tomtom(waiting)
Because we were very very happy, we burst into laughter just to watch a face.
Justin's house was so cool. He made up his room by monotone color(black, white,and gray).
They love Japanese style, so they use stick very well.
They wore JINBEY and YUKATA. we enjoyed the Japanese tea ceremony.
Frolida No.3---Symbol of USA "John F Kennedy Space center m`r`"(waiting)
It was very large land here. If you watch everything, you need all days.
We rode a shattle bus and watch around the huge space shattle, the stone of the Mars, and A movie of 3D letting us feel that we really have a space trip.
I really realized USA is a great country.
Frolida No.4---The spanish style's city, food of bistro, and Dali museum in cent peter's barg(waiting)
We drove across Florida, and went to Cent Peter's barg that it was a little city near Tampa bay.We had a delicious lunch in the open deck of bistro beside yachts harbor at the late lunch time.
After that I changed my clothes in kimono, and we went to Dali museum.
Frolida No.5---@The battle baseball watching games that Iwamura participated actively(waiting)
The big and last event was to watch MLB in Tropicana field.
This game was close contest, because the team of Tampa bay chased the team of Indians for only 1 score.
Especially Iwamura played an active part in the game.
If his ball flied far more several meter, Tampa bay came from behind.
Episode and information of each city(waiting)@
This page introduces an interesting episode and information we found in each city.
For example the car imformation of USA, very expencive medical cost , and the gassorin cost of all of the world.

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